Yum, Yum Bubble Gum! A Few Old-Fashioned Party Food Favourites.

fairy bread party food

Fun food should never go out of fashion.

Especially where kids party food is concerned.

Think back to the parties you went to as a child and chances are food features vividly in those memories.  It was bright, it was colourful, it was tasty, it was not always healthy! But what the heck! Special treats for a special occasion, and all that.

What favourite treats do you fondly remember from your party-going years as a child? Any of these maybe? And do you agree that they’d be wolfed down by grateful kids at the next party you host?


fairy bread party food

Homemade Australian Fairy Bread with Sprinkles and Butter


Fairy Bread

If you ask anyone, big or small, to name just one party food, chances are it will be Fairy Bread – soft white bread triangles, rich butter and sweet rainbow sprinkles.





Chocolate Crackles

No need to hunt down the recipe.  It’s likely on the back of your Rice Bubbles packet. This inexpensive treat is easy to make, with no baking required, so it’s a great one to get the kids involved in.  You’ll probably find patty pans to match the party theme too.


It’s cheap, filling and can be served natural with just a hint of salt – great if you want to keep things relatively healthy – or jazzed up with any number of flavours and colours.


These are a fun way to continue the party theme and add a wow factor to the table.  Pinterest and Instagram are full of jaw-dropping cupcake creations, and with entire stores (online and bricks & mortar) dedicated to cake decorations, you are only limited by your imagination (and patience) as to how fancy you want these cupcakes to be. Or, you can simply let the kids do the decorating themselves.

Veggie platter

Yes, the sugar rush of a kid’s party is all part of the fun, but it’s a good idea to have some healthy options available too.  A vegie platter might not be the first stop as their little eyes peruse the party spread, but an array of colourful vegetables, cut into kid-friendly sizes and laid out on a platter in a fun way may see the occasional cherry tomato or carrot stick pass their lips, especially if there is dip involved.

Ice cream

We all scream for it.  It’s hard to beat the simple joy of keeping up with the melty drips of an ice cream cone.  Flavours and topping choices are plentiful.  You can sub in frozen yoghurt or non-dairy frozen treats alongside gluten free cones to cater for different dietary needs.

The Birthday Cake

This is right up there with the presents when it comes to peak party excitement.  Maybe as a kid you perused that classic ‘Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake’ book.  Would you choose the jelly swimming pool cake?  Or the yellow duck with chips as a mouth? Such delicious anticipation.

Happily, for the cake maker of 2021, there is plenty of ready to eat options available to buy.  Whether you risk dying your hands and kitchen benches bright blue to create a bespoke birthday cake or leave it to the professionals (like I tend to do!), the birthday cake is a vital centrepiece of any kid’s birthday party spread and will be remembered fondly for decades to come.

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