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Over 200 awesome designs to choose from or custom kits available.

For the cake challenged, the busy mums, those on a budget – be a cake superstar for your child’s next birthday!! Anyone can make one!

Complete Kit sent to your door, shipping NZ Wide

* Ingredients – Cake Mix, Icing Sugar, Coloured Fondant, Edible Decorations
* Other Decorations, Plungers, Cutters – whatever your chosen cake requires
* Templates
* Detailed Recipe Card
* Cake Board
* Candles
* Fondant Icing Kit – for dusting benchtops, gloves included
* Baking Box – pour in mix, bake, throw away

We’ve got Princesses, Pirates, Superheros, Rainbow Unicorns, Trucks, Cars, Sports Stadium, Jersey and Ball cakes, Fairy, 1st Birthday, Spa, Sleepover, Makeup, Mountain Bikes and loads more

I’m a mum of six and from a mum’s point of view, these kits are awesome!

As I was a previous ‘customer’, I am really passionate about our products as I know that they work. I always wanted to make my own birthday cakes for my kids, but it was always so stressful and they never looked like the picture in the book and cost me loads in ingredients and a million trips to the shops as I always forgot something.  I know kiwi mums are going to love this, it’s easy and heaps of fun to make and all you need is butter, eggs, and milk to get the cake to the table. We also have a private Facebook page that anyone can join which houses a community of mums here and in Australia who are really supportive of each other, offer tips and advice, etc which makes it even more fun.

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