I just love party themes that are original and planned around the special birthday person and their individual interests. This party is bang on with that! This ‘makes me happy party’ was for one lucky little girl called Sadie. Her clever mum has captured her little girl’s love of her Yellow Gumboots so well. Enjoy this delightful party.

Gumboot PartyTheme:

Dana explains; “Sadie got some yellow gumboots and was obsessed with them. It didn’t matter what we were doing or what she was wearing, she wanted her yellow boots! She went through 3 sizes. It was the natural choice for her party theme.”

Yellow gumboot party

Yellow gumboots


Yellow Gumboot Party

Dana made the invitations herself. She said the invitations show just how often the yellow gumboots were worn!


Gumboot Party

Animals with hats

Love the fresh, happy colour scheme for this party. The green grass is so delightful and effective. Crepe paper behind the table another effective party decoration and the yellow paper fans are gorgeous. Dana said she purchased most things from her local $2 shop or made them herself. The little hats on the farm animals are extra cute.

Party Food:

So much fun party food here. So many cute ideas. Dana purchased the lovely farmyard food labels from Etsy. Here is the link: PaperPapelShop.
Gumboot party food

Farmyard party

farmyard party

Barnyard party

Barnyard party

Barnyard party


Planned party games weren’t needed due to most of the guests being two and younger. I love that Sadie’s mum thought of the children and what they would be into for this. I often feel many traditional organised party games are against all interests of a two year old… great thinking mum not to have planned party games! Dana had lots of farmyard type playsets out for the kids to play with. Dana said, “The children got a castanets as a party favor so there was a lot of music and singing too!”



Gumboot cake

Yellow gumboots cake


Yellow boots of course! Sadie’s mum made this cake! I love it! I love that the bottom of the boots is even imprinted. Dana said, ” The cake was a lolly cake covered in fondant and it was sitting on a bed of dirt, broken oreo cookies!” Such a great idea to use lolly cake as a birthday cake! Genius as lolly cake is so easy to mould and shape. Recipe for lolly cake here.

Gumboot cake

Yellow gumboot birthday cake


Sadie gave all her little party guests a casanette. This is such a cute and age appropriate party gift.
How adorable would it have been watching them all play with them together?

Party Favor

Gumboot party

Dana’s words of wisdom for other party hosting mums are: “Just enjoy it! I love throwing the kids parties and making them special memories! I love the theme being special for the time/place the kids are in!”
Thank you so much for sharing your party Dana and Sadie. This party is fabulous inspiration for reminding us to stay true to our children’s individuality and to what makes our children happy in this moment in time.

Yellow gumboots