Dad Bakes the Cake

What do these two handsome new-age dads have in common? They make their kids birthday cakes! My mum often jokes that my dad didn’t know where the tea towel was and now we have hands-on dads that not only empty the dishwasher but they make spectacular birthday cakes.

Daddy making the cake is a terrific birthday tradition. We started this custom when Big Brother was a baby and we were thinking of some family traditions to have. I love how this idea takes the pressure of ‘mum’ who usually looks after all the birthday party elements and how it gives ‘dad’ some great party cred. The talk of the party is how fabulous the cake is and how ‘Daddy’ made it. Other dads start getting an elbow from their partner to say, ‘Great idea, you should do that honey.’

We started this tradition with our gorgeous friends Kristy and Julian. Julian and Ian now have a bit of a ‘cake off’ going and there is usually some friendly banter between them about their cake making skills. Julian always has some great cake decorating advice to give. The cakes he produces for his two beautiful girls are gorgeous. I often talk about creating memories for our children and what wonderful memories Julian’s daughters will have of their dad and the birthday cakes he made them.

Other friends have now joined in on this daddy cake action. Giles and Graeme have displayed their artistic talent with these fabulous cakes. Graeme likes to spend time with the birthday person designing and making the cake together. This awesome Ninjago cake was a father-son collaboration. I like this idea, it means you can make the cake while the kids are up and not end up working till midnight in secret on your creation.  I just love Gile’s construction cake. I imagine Giles had a bit of fun putting this imaginative cake together. Lots of ‘oohs ands ahhs’ from the guests when admiring how cool it was. Watch out Dean Brettschneider you have some competition.



I know this idea won’t suit every family. Some mums may love making cakes and not want to hand this job over. Some dads might head for the lawn mower at the thought of the idea. Ian however has proven himself to be pretty good at this cake baking. My favourite so far is his Batman Monster Truck. The week leading up to the party I reminded him every night of his cake making duties. Big Brother had requested a Batman Monster Truck. It sounded tricky! I asked Ian if he would like me to ‘google’ some ideas for him. He reassured me he had it all under control. My ‘micro-managing’ tendencies were having trouble coping with his relaxed attitude but true to his word come Friday night he worked his magic with some metal engineered stands and mega muffin tray wheels. I can now relax knowing he is going to pull out a stunning cake for the kids come party day.


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