If you are looking for a cute and easy Easter treat this rocky road is great.

Simple and gorgeous – just the way we like it.


1 bag of white chocolate melts (225g)

2 1/2 cups of mini coloured marshmallows

1 tablespoon Kremelta or any vegetable shortening.

Sprinkles to decorate.

1. Prepare a dish by lining it with baking paper. I used a round 27cm diameter ceramic dish but glass or a small baking tray will be fine.

2. Put the chocolate melts and shortening in a microwave proof bowl. Mircowave in 30 second increments stirring well after each time. The shortening helps the melting process. Be careful not to over heat. After about 1.30 of 30 second bursts it should be enough. Just stir it well between each heating and any lumps of chocolate will slowly melt. Don’t be tempted to put it back in the microwave, be patient and stir a little longer.

3. Once the chocolate has all melted, stir in the mini marshmallows working quickly. You don’t want the marshmallows to melt in the warm chocolate.

4. Pour the mixture into your prepared bowl pressing down and working to the edges.
5. Sprinkle on your decorations and quickly get your dish to the freezer for 30 mins to set.

6. I cut my rocky road into oval egg shapes. I didn’t have an oval cookie cutter so squashed a round metal poached egg ring into an oval. (kiwi ingenuity) If you don’t have a cookie cutter then you could try free hand cutting of ovals. Random shards of rocky road also look great.

This Rocky Road is super easy to make with kids. Taking your time melting the chocolate gives kids lots of time to stir and less chance of it seizing. These would make lovely homemade Easter gifts for family and friends. Pop an egg shape in a little cellophane bag with a cute note from your kids and a ribbon… Grandparents would love it so much more then a store bought egg.

If you would like something a bit fancier for adults try Chelsea Winter’s delicious Rocky Road Recipe. She has great tips for adding and changing the recipe. Jessica from ‘Butterwithasideofbread’ makes a Marshmallow Bark the same as my Easter Rocky Road. Miryam from ‘Eatgood4life’ makes a healthier alternative with dark chocolate and almonds. Enjoy.

Have a fabulous Easter holiday with your loved ones. xxxg