I love creating decorations and Christmas is the perfect time to have fun with your kids creating DIY Christmas decorations. Hang them on your tree or find any little spot around the house to decorate. I’ve found 10 ideas that are easy, simple and look gorgeous.
These would also make fabulous gifts that your kid’s would feel so good making and then giving them as a gift to someone.
Most of these items can be easily found in craft stores.


1. Wool Wrapped Christmas Trees

These are made with cardboard triangles, green wool and coloured pom poms.

(Image from Easy Peasy and Fun)


2. Snowflakes

Gather some white ice-cream sticks, feathers, glitter and sequins and get glueing.

(Image from The Chaos and the Clutter)

3. Ombre Christmas Tree Garland.

Felt is a lovely fabric lovely to work with as it doesn’t fray. I’ve found pom pom wool like this in craft stores along with wooden pegs.

(Image from Raising Whasians)

4. Ice Cream Stick Reindeer

Simple and effective! Get the glue gun ready!

(Image from The Kindergarten Connection)

5. Paper Straw Wreaths.

Find some Christmas coloured paper straws for these cute miniature wreaths. Add in a few colour coordinated beads and a ribbon and voilá.

(Image from Projects with Kid’s)


6. Pipecleaner Icicles

How beautiful do these look? Silver sparkly pipecleaners threaded with beads and then twisted around a pencil to create the spiral shape.

(Image from Happy Hooligans)


7. Scrap Ribbon Christmas Trees.

I think this is my favourite! Use some sticks and colour coordinated ribbon strips to create these delightful Christmas trees. I’ve also seen this idea made on a cinnamon stick. These would make lovely gifts too.

(Image from Fire Flies and Mudpies)

8. Ice Cream Stick Christmas Trees

So many things you can create with some ice cream sticks! The kid’s will love coming up with their own designs for these.

(Image from One Little Project)

9. Candy Canes

Pipe cleaners are easy for kids to hold and thread on to. The beads don’t slip off either. This is a fun way to teach children about repeating patterns too.

(Image from Fountain Avenue Kitchen)

10. Pinecone Christmas Trees.

A great idea for those cute mini cones you find sometimes. I think these would work sitting in a little plaster of paris as the base.You could do this and let them set before painting them.

(Image from Hative)

So many fun ideas it’s hard to choose which ones to do!

Have fun creating memories with you children.

Merry Christmas.