Are you looking for fun teacher gift ideas? We have found some fabulously cute teacher gift ideas for you.

  1. Chocolates and a personalised printable.

This has to be my favourite! Such a unique and fun idea. Order your customised printable from NZ business Design by Morris and Co.

2. Mini Potted Plants.

Gift your teacher a lovely little pot plant to brighten their home or classroom. Add a tag saying, “Thanks for helping me grow” and you have yourself a gorgeous gift your teacher will appreciate.

(Image from Shanty 2 Chic)


3. Teachers Bits and Bobs dish.

Teachers desks always have ‘bits and bobs’ floating around them so this little dish would be super handy. I found this over at NZ online gift store Not Socks.

4. Punnet of Fresh Fruit.

Having been a teacher myself I know that gifts you can eat are always fabulous and what’s better than some healthy fresh berries. Christmas cherries would be lovely for this too and you could present them in a lovely gift box.

(Image from Dixie Delights Online)

5. Decorated Cookies

While we are thinking of edible gifts these cookies by Karen’s Sugar Cookies are beautiful. Karen can also custom create cookies too. These ones can be ordered online and sent to you packaged and ready to gift to your teacher.


6. Something Useful

I love this idea! Practical with a funny note to attach! I know everyone appreciates an extra roll of Christmas wrap this time of year. The cute tag to go with it is:

Since November you’ve been shopping,
barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
Now it’s late you’re in a scrape, out of paper, out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day!
Have a Happy Holiday!
8. Nail Polish for those teacher beach toes.Another fun idea with a cute tag idea to attach. Free printable here.

(Image from Lollyjane.)


9. Teachers don’t want to loose their keys!

Here is a fun way to gift something personalised. The Creation Station NZ have these Custom Printed Lanyards which would make a useful teacher gift which would be used everyday.


10. Mason Jar Characters.

These look gorgeous decorated with buttons and ribbons. Add some colour coordinated chocolates and these are fabulous.

(Image from The Suburban Mum)


So many fun ideas I’m not sure which one to choose for my kid’s teacher’s gifts. Think I might show this to my kid’s and see which idea they like the best. Have fun planning your gifts for your teacher. It doesn’t need to cost lots of money… make it something fun your kid’s can help you prepare.