Are you looking for kid’s birthday gift ideas?
Whenever I need to find a birthday gift I always want to find something special that will be treasured and played with for hours. I usually end up wandering shop aisles aimlessly with three kids in tow.
I’ve gathered together on this blog post my favourite affordable wooden gifts from Squoodles online toy store with the aim of inspiring and helping you choose thoughtful kid’s birthday gifts. Squoodles love wooden products due to their longevity, and being educational and of high quality. Squoodles goal is that YOUR children are able to pass down their toys to THEIR kids. Love this! So read on to see my top pics from the over 600 toys available online from Squoodles. 


Wooden Toys NZ
Gerardine’s top 5 wooden toys NZ for under $20:


Wooden Quoits
‘Also known as Ring Toss, Quoits is a simple game of skill and accuracy where the young and the not so young can compete on equal terms.’ I always love a toy that gets kids moving.


Wooden Number Train
‘Have fun learning your 123’s with this fun Wooden Number Train.’ I love how this one comes apart for some number sequencing and number recognition.



Wooden Honeycomb Puzzle
‘The Wooden honeycomb puzzle encourages problem solving and creativity since it can be solved so many different ways. While there are multiple ways to complete, it is still a challenge. You won’t solve it every time.’ This looks like a great coffee table puzzle to be tried again several times.


Wooden Toys Racing Car Run
‘Start your engines… On your marks…. get set….. GO! Watch as your race car rattles down the track twisting and turning.’ I always wanted this one for my own kids!


Wooden Stacking Rings
‘Fifteen coloured rings fit over different sized uprights which are numbered one to five.’ Fun and educational! Cant go wrong.



Gerardine’s top 5 wooden toys NZ for under $15:

Wooden Turtle Jigsaw Puzzle
‘A great way to learn your ABC’s and 123’s with this Wooden Turtle Jigsaw Puzzle.’ Love how this one because it teaches the capitals and lower case letters.



Wooden Dress Up Boy
‘Educational and fun all rolled into one!
Engage your child’s imaginative play and mix and match outfits for our little wooden Dress Up Boy.’ We have this one at home and it still gets played with.



Wooden Memory Game
‘This Wooden Memory Game will help keep little kids happily amused.
Match the brightly coloured transport pictures to make a pair!’ How nice would it be to hold these wooden pieces as a change to cardboard or plastic.


Flower Press
‘Use your dried flowers and leaves to create gifts, cards, book marks, pictures and much more.’ Flash back to my own childhood where I had a little wooden flower press. I loved that toy!



Wooden Magnetic Fishing Puzzle
‘Thirteen sea creatures, all with a magnet embedded, are waiting to be caught.’ We had this one at our Playcentre and it was popular with all ages.


Gerardine’s top 5 wooden toys NZ for under $10:



Mini Wooden Abacus
‘Kids will have so much fun learning to count with our Mini Wooden Abacus.’ As a teacher I know this is a great tool for teaching and having fun with numbers.



Wooden Rainbow Kaleidoscope
‘Some classic children’s toys never really go out of style.’ Our family loves kaleidoscopes. Something to treasure forever.



Wooden Mini Labyrinth
‘Test your skill and patience with our Wooden Mini Labyrinth.’ I have memories of enjoying this toy as a child.



Wooden Balancing Tower
‘You need a steady hand to build your stack before the tower comes tumbling down.’ I thought this one looked fun.



Jacobs Ladder
‘A Jacobs Ladder is a wooden toy consisting of blocks of wood held together by ribbons.
Also known as ‘Tumbling Blocks’, it provides a visual illusion which is the result of one block after another flipping over.’ I always wanted one of these as a child!


Gerardine’s top 5 wooden toys NZ for under $5:



Wooden Magnetic Numbers
‘These Wooden Magnetic Numbers are brightly painted, each with a magnet on the back to stick onto the fridge or any other magnetic surface. One set consists of ten pieces numbered 0-9.’ I think these look lovely. Useful and fun.



Wooden Yoyos
‘This traditional wooden yoyo is the classic toy that never goes out of date.’ How nice are these compared to plastic alternatives that break, wobble and don’t run smoothly.



Wooden Whistles
‘Make some noise with these gorgeous wooden whistles!
Available in a variety of colour combinations, they measure 12cmx 2cm.’ Kid’s love to make noise so perfect for the backyard!



Wooden Musical Animal Castanets
‘Get ready to click-clack and dance away with our Wooden Musical Animal Castanets.
Available in six brightly coloured animals, they measure 6cm x 6cm.’ You cant go wrong with musical instruments. Always get used in our house.



Wooden Pick Up Sticks
‘Get your mind working with this traditional game of Wooden Pick Up Sticks.
Pick Up sticks helps encourage hand/eye coordination which makes it a perfect ‘first game’ for young children.’ I haven’t seen a wooden version of this game. We play this in our house often.


And that’s a wrap!
So lovely too see all these affordable wooden toys which make fabulous party favors and birthday party gifts.

Squoodles offer flat delivery charges as below :
North Island deliveries – $6.00
South Island deliveries – $8.00
Squoodles also has Lay-buy and free delivery on orders over $99.

I hope this has helped and inspired you.
Squoodles is a small NZ family run business with the most fabulous selection of kid’s toys.
I need to take my own advice and shop ahead for those upcoming birthday parties so I don’t end up dragging my kids through the mall!