We made some beautiful crystal inspired sweet treats for Rosa’s ‘She’s a Gem’ birthday party.
We had geode biscuits, crystal shard jelly cups, gem cookies, diamond encrusted donuts, a crystal grazing table and cupcakes.


Geode Biscuits

We made these using a little hack. I found Rasberry tartlets at Countdown. We used edible gold paint to paint the edges of the biscuits and then sprinkled a mixture of rock sugar and popping candy on the sticky jam to create the crystal geodes. Rosa pretty much made these herself. She painted the biscuits and then sprinkled on the sugar crystals and popping candy.



Diamond Encrusted Donuts

We purchased some fresh mini donuts from Donut King and using a simple sugar glaze dipped the donuts in it to cover one side. We then added some edible diamonds and a sprinkle of edible gold dust.


Crystal Shard Jelly Cups

I love serving jelly cups at kids parties. These beautiful ones were made using a boysenberry jelly with a milk agar agar layer followed by a glitter jelly layer. The jelly cups were topped off with a edible crystal shard.


Gem Cookies

Karen from Karen’s Sugar Garden made these beautiful custom gem cookies for us. Almost too gorgeous to eat… but they did get eaten.



Crystal Grazing Table

Rosa and I made beautiful edible crystals. You can read our full instructions on how to make these edible crystals on the blog. We displayed them on an amazing edible crystal grazing table.




Rosa’s ‘She’s a Gem’ party provided such a fun theme to create beautiful gem inspired party treats. All our party guests loved the sweet treats.