Are you looking for Cake Smash Photos Auckland? Wanting to find out how to make the most of your cake smash session?
It is a pleasure to introduce Sarah Nutt, Auckland’s leading family photographer from Milk Photography Studio. We talked to Sarah about the best tips for a successful ‘Cake Smash’ and what you need to know when booking your cake smash photos or babys first milestone photo shoot.

What would be your best advice on choosing a baby photographer for your first year milestone?

Find a family photographer you like and visit their website to view their previous galleries of work. Cake smashes can go belly up really quickly so there’s a lot you have to get right first.
Viewing all their other galleries will help show how confident the photographer is with babies and children. Obviously your baby will grow so its nice to see the variety of work the photographer will offer you going forward. Most photographers provide incentives for returning clients which helps on the pocket but also keeps the style of work consistent through your home.
Building relationships with clients and understanding them is so important and every time they come back it’s just so easy and everyone always feels comfortable.


What should a client prepare coming for a cake smash photography session with you?

Firstly the cake, we advise a cake with height. The height will look good in photos. Avoid dark colours like red, navy blue and brown, these never work well on a babies face. Of course we can get a cake for you, but most Mums love showing off their cooking skills.
Secondly, be prepared to bring wipes and extra clothes, this is a messy session, but lots of fun.
Ask your photographer if they have outfits. At Milk Photography Studio we can provide many different types of outfits and props. This is important for a successful colour scheme.
If you’re bringing balloons they must have helium in them otherwise they will just fall to the floor, the helium needs to be in them the day of the cake smash or late the day before. As your baby is sitting on the floor the string with balloons only needs to be about 1 metre high.


Is there anything parents should be prepared for when booking a cake smash session?

This is a new environment for your baby so don’t be surprised if they don’t feel like smiling. (Of course we will do all we can to get them to.) It helps if you let your baby know that the icing tastes yummy and it’s ok to try, they may need some encouragement, but once they taste it they’re all over it!
It’s important this is not a rushed session and that there are not lots of people in the room, this can be very overwhelming for a baby.
Further more it is vital that natural photos are taken first of your baby without the cake. Some babies absolutely hate the feeling and texture and can burst into tears immediately, as they’ve never had cake in their life so its quite foreign to them. If we have taken some photos first then we have a back up if things go belly up.  Has your baby got any allergies? Make sure you check before going to all the trouble of baking a cake.


Do you provide all the backdrops and props for 1st birthday milestone sessions?

Yes we sure do! It’s also important we have spoken to our clients throughly to understand the colour tones and the cake they’re bringing in so it matches our prepared backdrop. We also like to ensure we mix it up and have some different looks. However simple always works well.

Thank Sarah for sharing your knowledge of Cake Smash Photo Sessions with us. To have a look at more of Sarah’s family and baby photos visit her website You could also pop in and see her at her Auckland photography studio at 43 Verran Road, Birkenhead. Give Sarah a call on 09 4833822 or email [email protected] to arrange a visit.