Rick Sahar has been a professional entertainer since 1984. In 2011 Rick was awarded the “Top Variety Artist” Award in New Zealand. Rick has a few years of experience to be able to share some kid’s party entertainer tips with us. He brings to his work experience, skills and talent honed from having performed shows throughout New Zealand, Australia and other countries that will make events fun, unique and memorable.

Before we start here are some wonderful reviews from past clients; “The kids really liked how Rick transformed into Tricky the Clown. They found Tricky the Clown to be really funny and liked the balloon poodle dog that Tricky made. The Tricky the Clown CD has been has been very popular since – thank you Rick.”
“Tricky the Clown has just performed at my twin 5 year olds birthday party. Tricky kept approximately 33 children ranging in age from 3 – 7 enthralled for his entire 40 minute show. I highly recommend him to other parents.“


Rick has kindly shared with us his tips for hiring a professional entertainer at your next kid’s birthday party. You can find Rick on our Party Guide under Wellington Entertainers.

“So you are planning your child’s birthday?
Are you considering hiring a professional entertainer?
I have 34 years of experience as a professional entertainer and would like to share with you my thoughts and suggestions on how to ensure the success of your kid’s party.

First of all, why would you need a kid’s party entertainer?

I sometimes ask potential clients this question if I am told that there is already a bouncy castle, a face painter, lots of games planned… you really need to ask yourself, why?
Well, from my point of view, having a live performance, a show that is developmentally suitable for the average age of your party attendees, really can make the whole event more special and lift the experience, especially for the birthday child, to a higher level. After all, that is what a professional entertainer should be able to deliver where a ‘screen’ fails to do.

Ask the kid’s party entertainer all the questions you need.

I always welcome my client to ask as many questions as they require to feel right to hire me. Make sure you ask questions to ensure the entertainer can deliver a suitable show for the duration of time needed and at the cost you can afford.
Maybe by now you are ready to book an entertainer? If you are not asked to pay a deposit, I would suggest you do so, to show your positive intent to follow through with the booking and in this way, lock in the entertainer for your event.

Timing your kid’s birthday party.

When is the best time to start the entertainment, the show? IMHO, the entertainment is a great way to draw all your guests together. Allowing time for people to arrive, I would say 30 minutes after the publicised party start time is the best time to start the entertainment. And if you include in your invitations that there will be entertainment starting soon after arrival, it may help people be punctual so not to miss out.

The show is about to begin, so you seat the children on the floor and pass out food and drink – NO, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT! The entertainer would like to have the children’s full attention, not compete with snacks and the very likely spilled drinks. You will get better results leaving refreshments until after the show – and the kids will be ready to enjoy them fully at that time, too.

Lots of parents slip off to organise the food during the show but if you are able to stay and watch, not just the performer but also your child, you will have an experience, a shared memory that is a treasure to cherish you can talk about for a long time to come…

I hope these tips help you in planning your next kid’s birthday party.”

Best regards,
Rick Sahar



Thanks Rick for sharing your words of wisdom with us. So much fun and memories to be created from kid’s birthday parties.

You can find out more about Rick at his website www.entertainment.org.nz. 

Kid's Party Entertainer Tips from Rick Sahar

Further more email Rick at [email protected]  or phone 04 389 4483, mobile 021 02214421.