Are you planning your child’s birthday party and considering hiring a party entertainer?
Emily and Sarah from Pitter Patter Parties have kindly shared with us the benefits to having a party host and what to expect when you book one.
Pitter Patter Parties provide party entertainment for kid’s parties in Christchurch. They offer several ‘dance party’ themed packages.

“Some parents hear the words ‘dance party’ and feel overwhelmed at the thought of loud music, sugared up party guests in high energy mode, twirling into furniture, but it need not be so daunting. In fact, giving those high energy, sugared up guests an outlet for that energy is possibly the best way to go. Especially if you have someone there to help guide them. If you are in Christchurch that ‘someone’ could be a party host from Pitter Patter Parties. Pitter Patter Parties has over nine themes with 50 minute sessions and three price packages to choose from.


Here are Emily and Sarah’s Six Benefits to booking a birthday party host:

  1. You don’t have to do any of the dancing yourself – in fact, why not sit back with a glass of wine while someone else is encouraging your guests to have a great time, grooving to their favourite beats.
  2. All the kids are in one designated place, away from the alphabetised DVDs and the vase you got for Christmas from your mother in law and had to get out because she came to the party.
  3. If you time the party right with the food after the dancing, the party will almost take care of itself. Greet your guests, send them off to the Pitter Patter Parties host for 50 minutes, feed them, open presents and off they go.
  4. Less clean up – your Pitter Patter Parties host will bring everything needed for the session and take it all with them again.
  5. No need to think up original games or wrap the same tiny gift a hundred times for pass the parcel! One of Pitter Patter Parties themed sessions will take care of all the activities.
  6. Tire them out – After a high energy dance party, you might even get an early night as they will have tuckered themselves out dancing the party away!So you have decided booking a party host is the way to go. Emily and Sarah share some information with you to make the most of your time.

    What to expect on the party day;

    Our sessions are very high energy and quite physical. Our intention is to create a magical experience while keeping the children entertained and mesmerised with dance based games and scenarios based on your selected theme. We have props to compliment the theme and even our music works in with our predesigned lesson plans. When selected, we have costumes too and finish off our session with a gift for your birthday child and even the guests will have received a small take home gift somewhere within the theme too!

    How to prepare for your arrival;

    Our sessions run for 50 minutes, including the dress up/dress down time and an additional 10 minutes for set up. If you can clear a space ready for us, this will maximise the time we can spend having fun with your child and their guests.

    Our hosts may need to hide some things around the party space prior to the session starting and if you are able to distract the children while this happens, it will ensure that they can enjoy the full experience and surprises along the way.

    We can’t compete with food and as our sessions are quite physical, eating after the session is advisable.

    Other helpful information:

    Remember our parties are designed for a maximum of 10 guests including the birthday girl/boy. If you have more children attending, please advise as soon as possible and we can confirm the additional per head fee for them.

    It would be great if you could play along with keeping the character of the host alive by believing in faeries, acting scared of the pirates etc. This may mean pretending you can see a faerie or walking the plank, and will make the experience even more special for your child.

    Our hosts are experienced in dealing with children and have faced many a challenge before. However, if a child is struggling to stay focused and becoming disruptive, we would appreciate support when asked. Otherwise, feel free to leave the children in their capable hands while you relax nearby.

    What you find to be the best timing for a birthday party;

    We suggest the following schedule for your party  (based on a 10:20am booking);

    10:00 Party starts and guests arrive.

    10:10 Our host arrives to set up.

    10:20 Pitter Patter Party session begins.

    11:10 Pitter Patter Party session ends with host giving the birthday child a gift, leading on nicely to birthday guests gift giving. – Host will now tidy up and leave discreetly.

    11:30 Cake and food.

    12:00 Party ends.

    Thanks for all your information and advice Emily and Sarah. I especially love the suggested timing for a birthday party. This makes it manageable for people. We loved having you at Tommy’s Safari Birthday party. All the children where captivated for the whole session and yes I did get to sit down with a cuppa.