It is a pleasure to introduce you to Alex Divine who owns two boutique event styling businesses in the Hawke’s Bay.
Alex runs I Do Glamour which is boutique wedding and event styling company alongside Lexi Lu, aimed more towards children’s parties and offering the whole package; party styling, hire, cakes and food. Alex is often described as a hopeless romantic with an eye for detail.


Alex shares with us her thoughts and ideas for party favors…

“For years now I’ve witnessed the great debate that is, “Do we supply party favors?” … “should we supply party favors?”. And I always say the same thing, it’s not compulsory but it has become customary to thank your guests.

Parent’s can however get caught up in it, often spending more money than is necessary on unnecessary items.
Party Favors don’t have to be a huge expense. It is wonderful instead to opt for handmade tokens of appreciation. This might be something that can let the magic of the party continue at home.



For my daughter’s fairy party we decided to do little fairy jars of wild flowers, (the pretty kind that really brighten up the garden) something that gets the kid’s outdoors, active and let’s them spread some love around.

We also made pixie wands. These were easy to make and apart from ribbon and bells the cost was minimal near on free.

The gorgeous cloth bags were bought from Kmart, $2 for a pack of 5, and then hand stamped by me for that personal touch. We added a few tea stained notes of appreciation sealed with a ribbon bow.

Parties are not about how much you spend but more about how much effort & time you put into it and it’s amazing what you can achieve on a tight budget.”


I really love Alex’s philosophy on kid’s parties and party favors. I know parent’s often have limited time and buying something quickly from a shop seems an easy option. However time with your children is so precision and creating little thank you gifts together is time well spent and a memory created. Thank you Alex for these wonderful party favor ideas. The children would have loved taking these special party favors home.