Paper straws have so many fabulous uses for your kid’s party. They come in heaps of different colours and fun patterns and can be purchased easily from many retailers. The best part is that they are biodegradable… not like their ‘plastic forever’ cousins. I love that you can buy a couple of packets and use them throughout your party and link in lots of your food items and party decor.

Here are 10 ways to use paper straws at your next party…

  1. Cake bunting. Add some washi tape and your cake will be looking gorgeous!
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  2.  Stack party food on a straw. Finish it off with some bakers twine or a ribbon. Love these mini donuts ready to be scooped up by some little hands.

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  3.  Paper straw cupcake toppers. Cut your straws in half and add a little washi tape flag for some cute cupcake toppers. Colour coordinate you cupcakes with matching icing and the kid’s will love them.
  4. Use them as they were made… for drinking from… but add a touch of fun by threading on some biscuits with holes (find some at the supermarket or bake your own). Donuts would also work well for this.
  5.  Fancy up your favor bags with a paper straw. Love this idea if you are using the paper straws to tie in a colour or pattern theme throughout your party.
  6. A favourite of mine… marshmallow pops. These are so easy, kids love them and you can create so many colour combinations. Simply dip your marshmallows in icing or chocolate and then your choice of sprinkle decoration.Image from:
  7. Make mini ice blocks using small cupcake cases and cut paper straws. Perfect size for little people.
  8. Use the paper straws you plan to have at your party on your invitation. This is a lovely way to create a cohesive look for your party.                                                                                                                                              Image from:
  9. Make mini toppers and labels for your party food using paper straws. Similar to your cake bunting.

  10.  More fabulous ideas here if you have caught the ‘paper straw’ bug. Visit

    Have fun with paper straws at your next kid’s party. Paper straws are especially awesome teamed with some matching washi tape. Remember I love to see pictures of your parties and ideas so if you are happy to share please email them to me [email protected].