Creating this ferocious little tiger was so easy!

The fabulous tiger fabric cost just $8 from Spotlight. It was a lovely light, stretch fabric that would have been so comfy to wear. It was also non-fraying so no need to hem. I’m all for ‘easy and effective’, I was so pleased with how this costume worked out. It took less than half an hour to whip up. There were all sorts of animal print fabrics at Spotlight so this idea would work for lots of animals.


  1. Fold your fabric in half and cut a semi-circle hole for your child’s head. Cut it smaller than you think the first time because it will end up bigger than you realise.
  2. Leaving a space for your child’s arms to go through at the top, sew straight down the sides leaving about 10cm on each side. You are basically sewing a kaftan style dress.
  3.  Along the bottom cut out a zig zag pattern. (The off-cuts could be used on a headband to make ears.)
  4. To make a tail, turn a strip of fabric inside out and sew together leaving one end open. Turn back out and fill with stuffing. Add some light wire if you want some shape to your tail. I just safety pinned our tail onto the tiger dress-up.Add some facepaint and you are all set. One cute little Tiger!