These homemade treats are a regular in our house and make the perfect summer party food for little hands. I’ve varied this recipe in so many ways by changing the fruit to pineapple, banana or whatever fruit I have, sprinkling something else on the top like chia seeds or blueberries and using coconut cream instead of yogurt for a dairy free alternative. You can’t really go wrong.


Mango (tinned or fresh)
Plain yogurt


I use a ‘Nutra-bullet’ but any food processor would work. I don’t have exact quantities I just pop in what looks good. For this batch I put about three large pieces of mango in with a teaspoon of honey and then filled the ‘nutra-bullet’ with the yogurt and whizzed it all up.

I make half sizes as these are better for little people and look cute. I just half fill the ice block moulds and then use a straw as the stick. I have proper ice block sticks for this mould but when you make ‘small’ ice blocks they don’t reach to the sticks. You could buy some wooden food grade ice block sticks but paper straws look cute and work well. They do go soggy but not before the ice block is eaten!

Once you have poured the yogurt/fruit mix into the moulds and popped the straws in sprinkle some berries or chia seeds on for decoration and extra goodness.