So what would be your kids ultimate birthday party request? LOW IMPACT PAINTBALLING! I know my boy would LOVE to go paintballing with a group of friends.

Asylum Paintball in Kingseat, Auckland is the only place in New Zealand to have the new revolutionary low impact children’s paintball. Children as young as six can play with the lightweight, low impact balls and lighter weight markers (paintball guns).


Asylum Paintball is the perfect children’s paintball venue providing a separate Indoor arena especially for the kids to have exclusive and private use of during the party. The weather won’t ruin your party! Area is fully lit and carpeted for safety.

At Asylum Paintball everything is included in one flat rate, meaning that there are no hidden costs. Kids can shoot as many paintballs as they like within a one hour period and all the safety equipment (including goggles, body armour and overalls) is provided. A group of eight costs just $239 (additional kids will cost $29.95 pp) and Asylum recommends you upgrade to the Ultimate Party Package (including catering from Hell’s Pizza, 8 drinks and 1 hour of Party Room hire), this package for eight kids costs $348.

Now with Asylum looking after the entertainment and food all you need to organise is the cake. Check out these cool ideas for a paintball cake. Gumballs make perfect paintballs and cupcakes are the perfect size for some paint splatters. All these images and more can be found on our Paintball Pinterest Board.

The kids will enjoy racing around covering each other in paint splatters but if you would like to organise some structured games the instructors at Asylum Paintball will gladly help you. Here are some of the ideas and scenarios for the games to be played:
Elimination: Kids split into two teams and start on opposite ends of the paintball area. This is their ‘home’ area. When they are ‘paintballer’ they are out and go ‘home’ until only one person from each team is left.
Capture the Flag: Again split the kids into two teams and have a ‘home’ with a team flag. Object of game is to retrieve the other teams flag and take it to their ‘home’ without getting ‘paintballed’.
Bomb: In teams with a ‘home’ base kids must place a ‘bomb’ (cardboard box) in the other teams ‘home’ without being ‘paintballed.’ If you don’t want to call it a bomb you could make up another object and name eg; bucket of worms. (sealed container of spaghetti).
Medic: Again in teams with each team having a ‘medic’. The medic is unarmed and can ‘heal’ by touching people. When kids get ‘paintballed’ they lie down until the medic comes and heals them. Can play with medic not allowed to be paintballed.
VIP: Each team has a VIP that they must protect from being paintballed. The object is to ‘paintball’ the other teams VIP.
Wild bear: One child is the bear and they go and hide in the paintball area. The other children need to find the bear and ‘paintball’ him/her. The bear can eliminate players from the game by sneaking up on them and touching them.

Low Impact Paintball makes the Best Kids Party which your kids will LOVE. If you have any questions, queries, or wish to talk to one of the team members from Asylum Paintball, please do not hesitate to call them on 09 277 0075 or email [email protected]. You can also visit the website at

Now you have the party sorted you are going to need some invitations. Check out these awesome invitations for a paintball party. This Battle Games invite is by Auckland local Simone from Great Fun Design. Check it and more out at Felt. Great value full party printable packages like the one below from Simone Made It make for easy decorating of your paintball party.

Here are some more Pinterest inspiring ideas for your Paintball party at Asylum Paintball. Visit My Kids Party on Pinterest to find more ideas.

Being a school teacher I’m always interested in what children are learning. You may not have thought about the thinking and skills that children will gain from paintballing but I have! They learn to cooperate, imagine, know their limits, problem solve (where to hide), drama skills like acting and using their voice, empowerment, following rules, confidence and belonging to a group. There are some great articles on superhero, weapon play and the benefits to our children. Some people are misled in thinking this play leads to violence. Research shows there is no evidence to support this belief. Instead children are enriched from this engaging pretend play. If you are interested in this check out these articles:
The Value of Superhero and Gun Play
* Bang, Bang! Gun play, and why children need it.

So remember Asylum Paintball for your next kids birthday party. Low Impact Paintball makes the Best Kids Party which your kids will LOVE. If you have any questions, queries, or wish to talk to one of the team members from Asylum Paintball, please do not hesitate to call them on 09 277 0075 or email [email protected]. You can also visit the website at

Happy Paintballing!