1)Fancy Balloons

This party stable has made a comeback and has become a little chic. After being nudged out of the party scene by tissue pom poms, lanterns, bunting and garlands the balloon is coming back larger than before. Who would have thought balloons would become so versatile and cool? Big balloons, fancy balloons or balloons with a little something special. Shaped balloons, letter and number balloons. Metallic, shimmery and pastel. You could stay on trend and keep it simple by making a couple of fancy balloons your key item for your parties decor. I’ve just purchased these numeral and letter balloons from Spotlight for Rosebud and Big Brother’s parties.

Silver foil letter and numeral balloons from Spotlight. These are 35cm and you just inflate with air. I’m using these as a centre piece for Rosebuds food table. They cost just $4.50 each.

Nude balloons from Poprocparties. I’m using these to make my own confetti balloons. The leading photo of confetti balloons is from Not on the High Street. These nude balloons from Poprocparties are .60c each.

2. Pre-Party Photo Shoot

We’ve seen the cake smash now we are loving the ‘pre-party’ photo shoot. This delightful photo is from Catch my Party. I love the idea of a Pre-Party Photo Shoot. It means you can capture the memories and record your children’s milestones in style. Gorgeous photos of your little party person in their party clothes all neat and tidy before the party kicks off. Beautifully posed beside your fabulous party decor and setting before the guests arrive, the balloons get popped and icing gets all over their mouth and clothes! Make sure you get in on this trend at your kids next party and create a lasting memory of their special day. I’m all set to hopefully get some gorgeous pre-party snaps of my kids before the party chaos. If you are in Christchurch looking for a photographer, try Vanda from VMC Images. She is especially fabulous at working with children.

These inspiring photo shoot ideas are from The Sweetest Occasion. Think I need to get myself down to the op-shop to find a big old frame I can up-cycle for this idea.

How adorable is this little button. Image from Mamabee. Mamabee has ’22 ideas for your baby girl’s first birthday photo shoot.’

3. Party Entertainment

Pass the parcel and musical chairs are moving over for party entertainment that involves an activity, craft, sport or something educational. Setting up an art and craft activity that matches your theme is all the go. Visiting somewhere educational or learning a new skill sees party guests having fun and learning something new. You could take your little party guests to the art gallery, museum or for a swimming lesson before enjoying some cake. Great places like Go Potty in Christchurch offers kids parties where the kids get to paint ceramics in a fabulous venue for a stress-free on trend party. For something more physical Rugby tots take care of entertaining the kids and teaching them some new skills. Available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Go Potty Ceramics – Christchurch

Rugby tots – Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

4. Contributing Presents

How this works is extended family members and close friends who would like an idea for your kids birthday present can contribute to something special they would like. Maybe they are getting a trampoline or bike and grandparents would like to contribute to this. I’m quiet keen on this idea as I’m always looking for ways to minimise the ‘stuff’ in our lives. Having a few special items follows global trends for sustainable living and the minimalist movement.

This ‘gift-wrapped’ trampoline image is from Springfree Trampolines NZ.

I hope you feel inspired for your kids parties, celebrating our precious little people and creating beautiful memories for them.