Ambrosia is one of my favourite Christmas desserts; quick, easy and delicious. I’ve been exploring creating food for kids parties which is a mini version of the original. We’ve all seen individual jelly cups at kids parties so what about little cups of yogurt goodness? They can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge ready to serve. Some cute little wooden spoons would look gorgeous in these. I’ve come up with 10 Ambrosia Variations: alternatives for healthier options, dairy/vegan, a bit fancy and low sugar…
The name Ambrosia comes from ancient Greek myths where it meant immortality and was the food or drink of the Greek gods. It is said to bring longevity or immortality to those who consumed it. Perhaps that is why I can happily consume a big bowl of it!

Basic Ambrosia Recipe

500ml Cream
1 litre Berry Yogurt
Berries (frozen, canned or fresh)
Marshmallows (can be cut in half with clean scissors)

Whip the cream. Add the yogurt, marshmallow and berries to a bowl, combine and then fold through the whipped cream. Easy! Add as many berries and marshmellows as you wish. I got these cute paper cups from Countdown.


10 Ambrosia Variations

  1. Vegan/dairy free: Use a yogurt like Kingland Berry Soy Yogurt.  Give the cream a miss or try replacing with a coconut cream using the recipe from Vegetarian ChristchurchReplace the marshmallows  with grated Whitakers or dairy free Sweet WIlliams chocolate. Add lots of fresh berries.
  2. Low sugar: Make sure you don’t add any sugar when whipping the cream. Choose a low sugar yogurt like Cyclops Organic 1% Fat Yogurt. Leave out the marshmallows but add lots of extra delicious fresh berries.
  3. Eton Mess fancy: Find a quality yogurt like Cyclops Organic Berry Yogurt. Scoop the berry sauce from the top of the yogurt and save some to drizzle over the individual cups to garnish. Mix the remaining yogurt, cream and fresh berries. Replace the marshmallows with meringue nests gently broken and folded through just before serving.
  4. Swap the marshmallow for Malteasers.
  5. Try Annabel Langbein’s Raspberry Ripple Ambrosia.
  6. Different pairs; Swap the berries for different flavours. Try a banana yogurt with chopped banana. Apricot yogurt with dried and/or tinned apricots. A citrus yogurt with oranges etc.
  7. Not for kids! Boozy Ambrosia: Add a splash of Brandy, Port or Sherry. It will soak into the marshmallows.
  8. Pineapple: Use a pineapple flavoured yogurt, whipped cream, chopped pineapple and pineapple lumps. Garnish with shredded coconut.
  9. A little healthier: Choose a quality yogurt. Use less cream, a few marshmallows and lots of lovely fresh berries.
  10. Swap the marshmallows for roughly crushed biscuits like Tim Tams. Garnish with Flake chocolate.

The Healthy Food Guide has a great article on choosing healthy yogurts.

Personally I don’t like to mess too much with a good thing. Despite writing these 10 alternatives, plain old original Ambrosia, made with quality ingredients is still my favourite.The kids will love these cute individual serves of delicious yogurt. Lots more goodness then jelly and according to Greek myths by consuming Ambrosia they will have many more birthdays in years to come.

Know someone who loves Ambrosia?