Instagram is littered with posts showing off spectacular kids’ birthday parties (including ours!)

The towering, four tier-birthday cake. Absolutely Fabulous!

The mile-long banquet table of delectably presented party cuisine. Absolutely Fabulous!

The dazzling brilliance of decorations that shine like diamonds and gold. Absolutely Fabulous!

Celebrating with and for your kids is more than just about getting the best Instagram content. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a birthday party.

It isn’t about the size of the cake, or the magnificence of the spread, or the decorations that could sit alongside the Crown Jewels and not look out of place.

It’s about feelings and memories.

Your kids may not remember the impressive balloon garlands but they will remember how you made them feel. They’ll love you for making THEIR day all about THEM, and not all about the camera and the ensuing Instagram posts.

Yes, we do Instagram and Facebook so this all may sound a little hypocritical. I get it. BUT feeds like ours are here to inspire not shame.

We want to share great ideas on a budget. Or budget ideas that look great.  We want to show you over the top ideas that bring joy to grown ups and kids alike. We want to convey fun, and smiles, and love.

I want to show that an Instagram-worthy party doesn’t have to be staged to within an inch of its life. It can be absolutely fabulous without being Absolutely. Fabulous!

We’re sure you know what we mean.