What value does your business gain from being listed on the My Kid’s Party website?
My Kid’s Party is committed to providing cost effective advertising and exposure for the businesses listed on The Party Guide. Think of us as your cheering squad –  we value and take interest in every business listed on The Party Guide.

By listing on The Party Guide you will:
* Increase your online visibility.
* Get noticed by party planning parents.
*Improve your own websites SEO.
*Be part of a community of businesses in your niche market.
*Have opportunities for collaboration, support and connection.
*Be showcased through the My Kid’s Party social media networks.

Here are some of those benefits explained in more detail:
1. Gain more visibility online.
This happens in many ways; having your business listed on a business directory can help improve your own websites search engine rank as mentioned below. However customers will also find you through search engine enquiries where My Kid’s Party is the result. Even if your own website doesn’t rank for a particular search My Kid’s Party might. Another boost to your visibility online is the mentions and links to your business in blog posts on My Kid’s Party. All of this will send more traffic and customers to you. Some small businesses don’t have a website so being on the ‘Party Guide’ gives them an online presence.

2. Improve your own websites SEO
Backlinks are big in the eyes of the ‘search engine crawlers.’
Backlinks are where your website is linked to from another website. The more backlinks that a search engine crawler can find, the higher they will rank your website. However not all backlinks are equal. A backlink from a credible website in your niche will gain more credit. My Kid’s Party includes many backlinks to your businesses not only through your ‘Party Guide’ listing but blog posts. Business to Community states, ‘A search engine wants to be trusted by its users, so the more information it can obtain about your website, and the more consistent that information is, the better you will rank. Online business listings are a great way to support and supplement your already existing information to give it that extra validation.’

3. Find potential business partners within your niche.
Recently we had an amazing Giveaway on our Facebook page which was a collaboration between five wonderful ‘Party Guide’ businesses. I see many other possibilities for businesses to connect through My Kid’s Party. Social Media Week states, ‘when a particular business is searching for a potential business partner with whom they might be interested to work with, a directory is the place they will search first.’

4. Online directories make it easy for people to find what they are looking for.
Parents planning their kid’s parties can pop onto My Kid’s Party and find all the vendors they need to put together their kid’s party. My aim is for kiwi parents to turn to My Kid’s Party whenever they need a vendor instead of randomly searching the internet.
Read more about the benefits to online directories here: Business Community.

Some other ways to be involved with My Kid’s Party are:

Advertorial Blog Post:

We can write a blog post about your business and what you offer for children’s parties. This will then be shared on Social Media, feature on the homepage and remain on the blog. Visit the blog to see examples of this for The Air Force Museum and Asylum Paintball.

Featured Business:

We love finding local businesses and would love the opportunity to showcase you and your business. The interview features 10 fun questions for you as the business owner and any other information you would like to share to promote your business. Lots of space for photos. This will then be shared on Social Media, feature on the homepage and remain on the blog. Visit the blog to see examples of this for Little Carousel. If this style of post doesn’t suit your business we can customise the content to suit.

Facebook Giveaways:

Businesses listed on Party Guide can run Giveaways on our Facebook page free of charge. We can discuss what you would like to gain from the Giveaway for example, Facebook likes. I can even find other business who would like to collaborate on a joint Giveaway for more reach. If you are interested now or in the possible future please email us at hello@mykidsparty.nz.

Party Collaboration:

My Kid’s Party was started from a love of planning our three kid’s birthday parties. We love to showcase as many business as we can when planning our kid’s parties. If you would like us to use your business for our next birthday party please get in touch. It will be fabulous exposure for your business with blog posts and styled photo shoots.

For more information you can view our Media Kit here or email me with any questions at hello@mykidsparty.nz.